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Why waste your precious time in your yacht holiday?

Naviga Charter Agency services supply with food, beverage or equipment and other provisioning needs to its guests , customers and users.

The chartering process is really important.

Why waste your precious time? Arrive to a fully stocked yacht, ready to set sail with all its preperations already made, while also having the freedomg of choosing from a huge menu and with convenient food and drinks, with all other selectable options. All prepared to your wish and ready to use before your plans.

The orders as well as the menus can be selected and prepared at the time of booking, or your choosing, by talking to our agency. If you’re chartering a yacht for the first time, then we highly recommend using our provisioning service.

With our yacht provisioning services, we are able to offer a first-class and perfect super yacht provisioning service, allowing our guests and clients or to the crew the ability to get all of their supplies from our trustworthy and top quality, certified suppliers.

We give the option to have it shipped to your locations and delivered to your yacht on time or hand-picked and can be delivered also on the date which you requested. We offer our guests and clients, and also to the crew, a wide range of fresh and local seafood, produce fine wines and champagnes, dry goods, cigars, interior yacht cleaning service, fuel, laundry and much more to your choosing.

We offer our services to those who want to visit many places in a limited time period where comfort and quality are combined and to be fast on the sea. You can benefit from this services in our operated locations. Take the opportunity to cruise Eastern Mediterranea and many other places on board with our luxury yachts.


Our whole crew is dedicated to the yacht and lovingly care for it. You can enjoy the different experiences with choosing Naviga on our website , or you can call us directly and let us take the rest to care and prepare for you.

We are devoted and specialized in superyacht provisioning, our agency can supply anything even on short notice, and with the urgency and professionalism, you expect to make your experience perfect and compelete to the fullest.