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  • Gocek
    Blue cruising with private yachts is a type of holiday that is growing in popularity. Blue voyage was first discovered in the 1950s by Cevat Shakir and his friends knowns as fisherman from Halicarnassus. Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, especially all the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts can be traveled. At the same time, you can travel to […]
  • naviga 72
    Renting a yacht for a blue cruise is an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy life to the fullest. Maybe if you have your own yacht, you cannot be so comfortable. You can easily find beautiful, luxurious and comfortable yacht charter options in the holiday city of your choice. When you make a […]
  • Honeymoon Blue Tours
    Honeymoon blue tours are a great choice for spending the most special days of your life. In the most beautiful places of nature and the sea. To sum up the Blue tour experience, we can say that every morning you wake up to an Azure day and watch the stars every evening… Just imagine: Every […]
  • fethiye-koyu-liman
    Gulet rental services offer great options for your planned yacht holiday in Turkey. Although Gulet charter services offer a high-comfort holiday, it is useful to know some tricks. Gulets are wooden-weighted sailing yachts whose main place of production is in Bodrum,Turkey. We are living in the richest geography in the world for yacht holidays at […]
  • gulet kiralama bodrum
    Do you want to enjoy the most precious bays of the Mediterranean and Aegean by renting a gulet for a wonderful summer vacation? As Naviga Yachting, we organize the best and most complete services in this regard with our professional team to meet all your needs. Naviga Yachting, which is assertive about being in the […]
  • motoryacht charter bodrum marmaris fethiye
    Turkey has an extremely rich geography for motor yacht charter and making isolated holidays. Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye are the first places frequented by boaters on the Aegean coast. Bodrum has become a popular destination for millions of people thanks to its fun nightlife and a wealth of luxury motor yacht charter options. Many sea […]
  • yacht charter bodrum
    As Naviga yachting, we offer a holistic holiday experience to our guests who want to rent a yacht in Turkey. Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and Gocek on the Aegean coast are a popular yacht Paradise around the world. We offer the most luxurious isolated vacation options for you, loved ones or groups of business contacts. Are […]
  • gobun bay gobun koyu
    If you are planning holidays in Turkey then you are at the right adress.With our 11 our years of experience; we thought of all the details you know or haven’t noticed yet already. As Naviga Yachting; We perfect your private yacht charter and luxury gulet charter process. Especially with Covid19, there is an isolated vacation […]
  • luxury gulet
    As we know, 3 sides of our beautiful country are surrounded by seas. We live in a geography whose coastline exceeds 8000 kilometers. When we look at this area, we see that there are much more than European countries such as Italy, Spain and France. We are not yet developed according to these countries, which […]
  • isolated yacht holidays
    Like many habits that changed during the Pandemic; Our need for vacation has also understandably increased. And the concept of isolated vacation entered our lives. Our lives changed chaotically in the first quarter of 2020. This change left its place to vacation in safer and healthier conditions in the summer months. Then we entered the […]
  • knidos
    Hisaronu Bay or Gulf of Hisaronu is one of the unique spots of Turkey with its bright, clear waters, beautiful bays and Blue-Green Climate. The Gulf of Hisaronu, located in the Cape of Bozan in the North, is a Blue Cruise Paradise. Spending a perfect day in this environment with the most beautiful and most […]
  • english-harbour-gokova-bay
    “See Rome and Die; See Gökova and Live … ’   We set out with this beautiful phrase from Dear Cevat Şakir Elmağaçlı, author of Halicarnassus fisherman. As Naviga Yachting company, whose head office is located in Bodrum, we continue to explain the depths of the Blue journey. Today’s stop is Gökova Bay.   This is one of […]
  • yacht-charter-bodrum-turkey
    Blue Cruise in Bodrum being navigated over 50 years has a very interesting story. The beginning of Blue Voyage depends on Cevat Sakir exile to Bodrum for 3 years due to a story he wrote. The authorities realized that Cevat Sakir’s life in Bodrum was not a penalty any more, but pleasure, so they commanded […]