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See the World beneath your feet, glide through the sky like a bird…

Helicopter Rides and Tours are without doubt the most memorable and exciting experiences regardless of where you are in the World. Naviga Yachting have teamed up with the most trusted helicopter operators in their Professional team to bring you a range of heli-tours like no other.

There’s just no better view , or even anything more breathtaking than a helicopter tour! You will experince the World like never before, without the stuffy cabin of a commercial plane, where you peep thru the tiny window, your view obstructed by a mammoth wing – in a helicopter you’re right out there, in the sky. Levitating, floating in space!


Private & Preferred Seating Tour is also and option and it means that you can request your seat and who is flying with you while on tour (except the pilot). Please call or email for specific quotes and availability.

Please contact us to learn more and do not miss this experience, prepared just for you!