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Gulet Rental

Gulet rental services offer great options for your planned yacht holiday in Turkey. Although Gulet charter services offer a high-comfort holiday, it is useful to know some tricks. Gulets are wooden-weighted sailing yachts whose main place of production is in Bodrum,Turkey. We are living in the richest geography in the world for yacht holidays at Turkey. Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek and Antalya fascinate us all with their beautiful nature, water sports, historical riches and colorful sea like bed sheets.

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How about getting lost in the glorious nature of this Blue and Green paradise, and rediscovering yourself?

Yes, if you say “I’m ready”, click here to make your gulet selection.

In life, we don’t always get everything we want easily.

But if you’re in Bodrum and you created your way with Naviga yachting Company, you don’t have to worry about anything, anymore. With our Gulet rental services, you will embrace your dream luxury and comfortable holiday smoothly. You can plan a holiday in accordance with all the conditions you wish through our Gulet charter services.

There are many route options where you can go to the precious bays of the Mediterranean and Aegean. We are there, whether you are near or where you want your boat ready. You can see our service areas below.

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A Comfortable Holiday Awaits You

It is very important to make the right choice in the Gulet rental process. Because your vacation should be smooth. Otherwise, a person gets mentally tired, even when they take a vacation and swim in magnificent bays. With our experienced team and wide range of gulet rentals, you will enjoy the fun away from all such problems. Gulets can be examined in three different categories: Standard, Luxury and Ultra-Luxury.

Gulet rental prices range from 500 € to 15000 € per day.

If you want to prepare the ideal gulet rental plan for you and your group or loved ones, you can contact us. One of the essential points when planning the Gulet charter process is the route. We have organized the most favorite routes for your gulet rental holiday in Turkey for you.


naviga yachting antalya gulet rental

Renting a gulet in Antalya is among the most preferred regions in the rental process. You will discover multiple beautiful places during your holiday in Antalya. Kas, in particular, is one of the best diving places in Turkey. If your road is in line with Kas during your Gulet yacht holiday, you can also visit Meis Island as well.

Another point that we definitely recommend you to stop by during your holiday in Antalya gulet rental is Kalkan. Kalkan is a place that has been able to preserve it’s traditional texture with it’s old Greek houses, hostels and small fish restaurants. After enjoying the sea in the Beautiful Bays of Kalkan, you can switch to Eşen river for rafting and canoeing sports.


naviga yachting bodrum gulet rental

Bodrum is the richest region in Turkey in gulet rental services. Bodrum is the main production point of gulets, so you can easily reach all the gulet charter options you want. Rent your gulet in Bodrum and start exploring the perfect bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

This district, which is the center of the Blue journey, will also add color to your holiday with it’s nightlife. How about enjoying fun in peaceful, quiet bays and getting rid of all the burdens of life in magnificent nightclubs at night?

Bodrum gulet rental services are waiting for you for an adventure beyond your dreams.


naviga yachting marmaris gulet charter

Marmaris is a place that our guests must add to their route during their rental process. When you go to the bays of Marmaris while you are on a yacht holiday, you are suddenly shot in the heart. The most beautiful place in Marmaris is the Gulf of Hisaronu. As you approach the bays in the Gulf of Hisaronu, you see pine forests surrounding the sea like a Cossack collar. First you feel the smell of pine. Then you see the green color of these trees reflected in the turquoise sea. In a hurry, you wish the captain would enter the Bay as soon as possible.

At the moment you jumped into the water, the turquoise sea, the greenness of the trees and the smell of pine permeate you. As soon as you come out of the sea, you feel reborn. Gulet charter Marmaris journey; it sets a throne in your heart with its mysterious magic.

Although you dont want to leave this place, you’re going to the next bay with its nature waiting for you.

Marmaris is also a region where you can shop in the city center and restaurants on the coast. You can enjoy various activities such as Safari, horse riding and windsurfing.

Before breaking the steering wheel in your Marmaris gulet charter holiday, you need to think twice. You may want to go to Datca and see the ancient city of Knidos. Or you can go to the Gulf of Gokova and try to play sports in the best kite surfing area in the world.

Do not forget to stop by the following bays in the Marmaris gulet rental process, no matter what:

Gönlücek Bay, Palmali Bay, Dirsekbükü and Inbükü Bay.

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naviga yachting fethiye gulet charter

Fethiye gulet rental has a beauty that is worth everything for the perfect holiday. The magnificent blue sea of Oludeniz, the joy of paragliding floating in the sky and the elegance of the Valley of butterflies extends a person’s life. When your Fethiye gulet rental holiday begins, you should see and live in the Bay of butterflies Valley. The nightlife in Fethiye is as active as the daytime.

And then , the azure waters of Fethiye draw you to a greater Paradise; Gocek!


naviga yachting göcek gulet charter

Gocek gulet is the most favorite place for many years in charter services. Holidaymakers who have explored the region and bays of Gocek in the past definitely comes back every year. Many people also dream of Gocek gulet rental holiday. And by renting a gulet at the first opportunity; they leave themselves to the peaceful seashores of the bays of Gocek. In your Gocek gulet rental route, many bays are close to each other and teeming with nature.

For this reason, Gocek gulet rental holiday can not be planned so simply. It will be good to make a decision with an experienced crew and a reliable company. As Naviga yachting company; we are here so that you can enjoy this magnificent nature with our comfortable, technological and extremely luxurious gulets. Thanks to our Gocek gulet charter services, which we offer with 11 years of experience, you can experience the peace of mind without any worries.

Special Gulet Renting

Special Gulet

Private gulet rental services are a great choice if you want to make a luxurious, comfortable and isolated holiday with your group of friends or family.

As we all know, we’re going through a pandemic. And in this process, private gulet rental services offer great opportunities to spend time with our loved ones. As Naviga yachting; in these days when the steering wheel of our lives is completely broken, we provide all the necessary facilities for your health and comfort. You can also make a private business trip thanks to our private gulet rental services.

We’ve all been at home for so long…

Isn’t it time to move your house to the sea?

With our private gulet rental services, you can start to experience the comfort of your home in azure waters.

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