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Gulet Charter Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye Prices

Do you want to enjoy the most precious bays of the Mediterranean and Aegean by renting a gulet for a wonderful summer vacation? As Naviga Yachting, we organize the best and most complete services in this regard with our professional team to meet all your needs. Naviga Yachting, which is assertive about being in the first place among your holiday options, creates great tour routes for you.

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For a great gulet vacation, you can check out our gulet charter article.

Turkish gulets are the favorite of the Blue Cruise and yacht tourism sector. Bodrum is home to shipyards of gulets produced only in Turkey. The history of the Blue journey is based on the first Blue journey started by The Fisherman of Halicarnassus with his boat to explore the Aegean coastline and Sea.

At first, Cevat Shakir Kabaagachli was sent to Bodrum for exile. After that, his love of Bodrum and his passion for the sea are the inspiration for his works on this subject. The discovery of the Blue tour, which began with a small boat; continues with luxury gulets of various sizes today. If you are planning a blue cruise tour or a gulet holiday with your group, you should know a few important points beforehand.

Bodrum will be a good starting point for your gulet rental service, as it is very close to the airport. 25 minutes after landing at the airport, you can come to Bodrum Marina and reach your rented gulet.

Gulet Charter Bodrum

gulet charter bodrum

As Naviga yachting company, we continue our gulet rental services successfully in Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye.  Bodrum is the main point of our gulet charter services. Gulets can be rented in three different categories: Luxury, Deluxe and Ultra Luxury. If you want, you can plan a luxury, comfortable and hassle-free gulet rental holiday for your business trips or crowded family holidays.

Blue cruise tours starting from Bodrum are goes to the points such as ; Kisebuku Bay, Göbün Bay, Tuzla Bay, roof Bay and seven islands. These are among the most preferred spots. You can admire the beauty of nature while swimming in quiet, calm coves. Sunbathing in the cabin of your luxury gulet that you rent; watching the sun set accompanied by colorful curves of the sky and the sound of water is just magnificent.

Starting from Bodrum, you can explore the coves of Gökova Bay and Hisaronu Bay, which are the most popular routes of the Blue tour. From Turkey, you can also visit Greek islands such as Ios, Kos, Mykonos, Symi, Kalymnos, Lipsi and Patmos.


Gulet Charter Marmaris

gulet charter marmaris

Marmaris gulet is one of the most fun routes for boaters who make rental holidays. It is a magnificent geography where you can do various activities such as Safari, windsurfing, horse riding. Swimming in these crystal waters, where pine forests surround the sea like a shirt collar, adds lifespan to a person’s life. Gulet Renting in Marmaris when you make your plan; you will say hello to a magnificent route consisting of clean bays from each other points.

As you dive into the crystal clear water in the bays you visit, you will embrace the color of the pine trees reflected on the water. If you get tired and want to go ashore, it will be good for you to relax in the magnificent forest texture.

If you want to go to the coast from time to time while vacationing; if you want to wander the ruins of the ancient city, you can use our suggestions of Hisaronu Bay. You can also visit Gönlücek bay, Palmali bay, Mudlu bay, Inbükü bay, with your gulet that you rent in Marmaris. It will also be very pleasant to see the ancient city of Knidos. Just turn your direction to Datca and continue to enjoy the Blue tour.

As Naviga yachting company, we offer gulet rental services in Marmaris. Before starting your blue journey, we plan all your special wishes for you and your group. Are you ready for a luxurious, comfortable and hassle-free blue cruise experience?


Gulet Charter Fethiye

gulet charter fethiye

Fethiye and Gocek are one of the elegant points of Blue tour boats with its crystal sea in a mixture of blue and white. You can start your blue journey with your luxury gulet that you rent in the magnificent bays and islands of this geography. We accompany you with our gulet rental service in Fethiye, which has the cleanest waters and natural beauty of the world.

Naviga yachting and Gulet Rental Fethiye services their options with 11 years of experience. To make your magnificent holiday smooth. When making your luxury gulet rental plan; we customize your entire plan on topics such as diet menus and activities that you may want.

When you rent a gulet from Fethiye, your route is planned according to multiple options such as your tastes, entertainment preferences and holiday process.

Gulet Charter Prices


If you need to sort Gulet charter prices or boat rental prices by price from high to low, bodrum gulet rental prices will top the list. Bodrum, which has the highest level of gulets as luxury and quality of Service, is suitable for a luxury holiday between 1000 / 1500 euros per day on average.

Marmaris gulet rental prices, Bozburun and the region are more suitable for a holiday where you can enjoy the blue waters without escaping the very luxury that suits your budget between 500 / 1000 euros on average due to the fact that boat rental prices are more affordable.

Customized for you and your loved ones; are you ready for a luxurious, comfortable and safe blue cruise holiday?

As Naviga yachting team, we offer services that will make your holiday enjoyable not only at sea, but also on land and in the air. It is great to travel blue in the private bays of Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye.

How about watching this blue paradise from the sky?

You can also add the sky to your luxury gulet rental holiday by using our private jet rental and helicopter tour services. In this region, which has a magnificent view such as Fethiye, it can be exciting to float in the sky with a helicopter tour.

From the moment you land at Bodrum Airport; thanks to our VIP Transfer and hotel booking service; you can start your holiday safely and comfortably.

From VIP transfer to luxury motor yacht charter to helicopter tour, to private jet rental, we take care of everything just for you.

Please contact us to design your most ideal holiday from start to finish.

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