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What is the tips and tricks of Yacht Charter in Turkey?

As we know, 3 sides of our beautiful country are surrounded by seas. We live in a geography whose coastline exceeds 8000 kilometers. When we look at this area, we see that there are much more than European countries such as Italy, Spain and France. We are not yet developed according to these countries, which are especially pioneers in yacht vacation and private yacht charter. A boat falls to 1800 people in Turkey. In the countries we are talking about, this figure is below 100 people. Therefore, Turkey is still a growing country in terms of private yachts and luxury gulets.

With the introduction of Covid-19 into our lives, our desire to explore dozens of natural wonder bays on this long coastline has increased. In order to make a healthy, safe and isolated holiday, many people, especially groups of friends, business groups, families, socialize by renting private yachts or planning luxury gulet holidays.

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Don’t you think it would be nice to lie in front of the yacht in the evening and watch the shooting stars in the sky? And fall asleep accompanied by the peaceful sound of insects coming from the forest?

So, what should we pay attention to when renting a private yacht?

So, what should we pay attention to when renting a private yacht?

There’s more than one variable here.

  • When determining your route, do you want to spend your entire holiday at sea?
  • Or do you want to holiday at sea and visit the bays, go ashore in the evening and explore restaurants and entertainment venues?
  • How long is the holiday you plan with your private yacht or luxury gulet that you rent?
  • Planning a budget boat vacation?
  • Or do you want a luxurious, comfortable and hassle-free holiday?

Now we can move on to detailed information about these fine points.

Do you want to spend your entire vacation at sea, or will you also go ashore?

The sea has a culture; all needs are met at sea and continue on the road. When you rent a private yacht in a group, your rations are ready and you can cook and prepare dinner with your friends at sunset. For this kind of holiday, you just have to shop before you go to sea. After dinner, you can continue the fun part at sea. You’ll never have to set foot on land.

But we know that Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek and Antalya, especially there is a wide variety of coastline where you can have fun on your yacht charter holiday.

Luxury Gulet Charter Time

A completely different paradise appears before you when you say its nature, Sea, Ancient Greek and historical artifacts left over from before you. When you rent a luxury gulet, it is great to go ashore with your group at various stops; discover local delicacies, admire the heritage of history in ancient cities and relieve stress in fun nightclubs. Therefore, if you want a comfortable, luxurious and full holiday, we recommend that you evaluate the opportunities on land.

Speed is also an important factor. Luxury gulets are specially designed yacht charter types in Turkey. They are designed in three separate categories. Gulet, Luxury Gulet and Deluxe Gulet.

Gulets are sailboats made of wood. Their height is usually 20 meters and above. Among the types of gulets, it is designed for holidaymakers with a suitable budget.

Luxury gulets can be over 20 meters in size. They contain comfortable, powerful and luxurious features. They offer a wide team of experts and a full range of opportunities such as captains. Groups, tourists , are among the most preferred options for business trips.

Deluxe gulets are also sailboats where all kinds of comfort is at the highest level, entertainment, kitchen, cabin options are ultra luxury.

If you like to float in the sea like a swan and leave yourself in the wind and flow, renting a luxury gulet is for you.

However, when you use motor yacht charter services, you will not have any problems with speed. Because they are not wind-dependent yachts; you can fix your speed and go to the desired point comfortably.

Live Special Days with Yacht Holidays

In Turkey, it is very popular to rent a yacht not only for holidays, but also for times such as marriage proposals, special occasions and birthdays.

As Naviga yachting company, we have dedicated 11 years in this sector to designing your happiest holidays. At the time of booking, you can customize your requests for all the details mentioned above. We offer our expert team of captains, boat managers and professional support in determining the most ideal routes for you. The rental price of all boats includes crew. Each boat has a Captain, Cook, sailor, host or hostess.

At the same time, as soon as you step into Bodrum for a holiday, we carry you to your yacht holiday in isolation. With our VIP transfer and hotel booking services, we maintain hygiene conditions and provide the health and isolation you need. We plan your private motor yacht charter and luxury gulet charter processes with all the details. If you wish, you can also benefit from our services such as private jet rental and helicopter tours throughout this Blue Cruise Paradise.

Overseas Yacht Vacation Options

Starting from Turkey we can give services at; Croatia, Montenegro and Coastlines of Turkey, you can spice up your holiday on all the Greek islands as well.

As Naviga yachting team, we offer the most comfortable, luxurious and safe facilities for you.

Contact us now to get information, book and plan your fabulous holiday.

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