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5 Hidden Bays of Paradise in TURKEY

If you are planning holidays in Turkey then you are at the right adress.With our 11 our years of experience; we thought of all the details you know or haven’t noticed yet already. As Naviga Yachting; We perfect your private yacht charter and luxury gulet charter process. Especially with Covid19, there is an isolated vacation plan that almost all of us dream of. We are in a geographical richness full of nature, sea, bays, food culture, ancient texture and activities that can be done in the sea such as Bodrum, Göcek, Kaş, Kalkan, Antalya. Therefore, it is very important to determine the route for yacht and boat enthusiasts.

Although popular bays and spots are known; Are you ready to meet 5 hidden beauties that you haven’t discovered yet?


Kissebükü bay; Bodrum is one of the bays that should be discovered on your yacht vacation. This bay is spread over a wide area; It is about 7 km from Bodrum. Transportation by road is not very easy, but possible. It offers a visual where a wide range of green forests and turquoise water meet. At the same time, the Underwater Archeology excavation is carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. This quiet, calm and untouched bay is not inhabited; It is one of the favorite places of yacht and boat lovers.


Gobun Bay; It resembles a whirlpool hidden among the mountains in the Kapıdağı Peninsula. It is one of the places frequented by boats and yachts. The sea is almost completely surrounded by mountains and trees; and it is really crystalline. The clear turquoise color of the sea; lush reflections of pine trees that fall on it decorate the surroundings. In Göbün Bay, which resembles a calm lake; There are historical water dairies and tourism facilities. When you come to this bay, you can relieve the tiredness of swimming and hot air by sipping your beer in the shade of the trees.

Tuzla Bay

Located between Koyun Cape and Tuztutan Cape, Tuzla Bay is one of the favorite anchorage points of large motor yachts and gulets in the area. It is a place you can prefer as a resting place where you can take day breaks especially in it’s calm weather.

Located in the Gulf of Gokova, this bay offers holiday lovers a very calm experience with its wind-free air and green flora. With its clear sea, crystal waters and mild climate, it is one of the most beautiful bays you can choose for your special days. Frequently preferred by dolphins, this bay is a rare option for natural life lovers.

Çatı Bay

Buyuk-Cati-Koyuna tekneyle tatil

Çatı Bay  is also known as Big Çatı Bay and Küçük Çatı Bay. The most beautiful and sheltered bay of the Big Roof is the part that turns west at the end of the entrance. Here is the bottom of it is sand. It is a wonderful bay that merges with a forest of trees and maquis that can be sheltered in any weather. It is usually among the frequent destinations for large luxury gulets. Small Çatı Bay; It is like the fingers of a hand entering the forest from the sea. Around the sheep consists of high hills. These hills are like a forest cover of pine trees and maquis. From the entrance of the bay to your right, left and frontal, every shore has a clear turquoise sea.

Seven Islands

These islands located between Cape Teke and Cape Taneli are called “Seven Islands”. The beautiful “sheltered bays area”, especially on the east side of the islands, is also known as the “Seven Islands” region.

Seven Islands; Göllü Ada in the north and two small islands in the south are lined up from northeast to southwest and take their names from Küçük Ada, Zeytinli Ada, Uzun Ada and Martı Island in total. There are calm bays especially suitable for yachts to stay overnight. There are numerous anchorages in the gulf of the islands to be accommodated (depending on the characteristics of the boats you use), whether in the summer breeze or in the southern weather in autumn and winter.

Halikarnas Fisherman said these words for Seven Islands ; “Islands hang in the sky here. This is the center of Gökova and the world ”.

We strongly recommend you to visit these islands, which are surrounded by frankincense trees and coral rocks, especially in September and October during the best times of autumn.

It is one of the most beautiful places preferred by diving sports lovers. The underwater fauna and natural habitat is very rich. That’s why diving lovers especially prefer these islands. In addition to this, you can do sailing sports on the islands or you can walk in the walking areas filled with pine trees where you will witness the natural beauties and live your holiday in a way that sails to unforgettable experiences.

Seven Islands also contains the legendary story and history of eels.

Seven Islands, one of the hidden beauties of Gökova, has unlimited activities and facilities that you can do within the means it has. You can have very enjoyable moments on these islands. If you have not made your vacation plan yet and are looking for a quiet holiday with plenty of activity, you should definitely anchor and come to the Seven Islands. This place will be a spot that will create beautiful memories for you with its magnificent scent and postcard-like views …


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