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faqs for charter

Please read our frequently asked questions (FAQ) and check out the questions and answers that can help you with the yacht charter process. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us (by phone, email or office visit).

What Can Be Done With Yacht Charter?

You can go on a blue cruise by renting a yacht. You can holiday in the bays of a single area. Or you can travel the entire Blue Cruise routes. You can organize special occasions, invitations, honeymoon holidays, events where you can have fun with your family and group of friends.

This includes all the activities you might want to enjoy at the sea and in the nature.

Is There a Yacht Charter Period?

The minimum rental period for chartered yachts is 1 day. Those who want to make a shorter-term rental lower than 1 day should also pay the 1-day rental price.

You can also rent yachts as long as you want. As long as the tour programs are available, you can extend the time as long as you want by paying the required fee. Please contact us for detailed information and calendar options.

Can Yacht Charter Be Held In Winter?

Our guests who want to holiday in the winter months should never be upset. Because our fleet of durable luxury gulets and motoryats can enjoy the Blue Tour anytime you want. Today, with the development of technology, necessary measures are taken in this sense. But substances such as weather and other climatic factors, booking conditions, venue and operating conditions can cause tour frequency to occur more intermittently during the winter months. Because it is of great importance to take precautions in climatic conditions. Acting with this awareness in our company, we prepare our services within the framework of the necessary measures.


We can plan your yacht charter plans that will be held in the winter season within the framework of the date and weather conditions.

How About Yacht Charter With Accommodation?

By renting a yacht, you can stay in the bays where you travel blue seas, by anchoring.

During the boat holiday, your journey continues without staying on land. Your captain has the necessary information about the bays where accommodation can be made.

Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek and Antalya have bays where you can stay by boat.

You can meet and plan with the captain in the desired places and make accommodation according to places suitability.

How Many People Do Yacht Charters Have The Most?

Capacity and number vary according to the types of yachts you have chosen.

For example. If you are planning a luxury Blue tour with a group of 2-6 people, Standard gulets will be appropriate. If your group is more crowded, you can check out the other gulets in our fleet. In size and capacity, we help you choose the ideal yacht type at the time of booking.

If you want to rent a technological, luxury and comfortable motoryacht, you can choose the sized motoryacht suitable for your number of people.

You can find detailed information by browsing the boat types on our website.

How Does The Yacht Charter Process Proceed?

Just like the time you spend on your chartered yacht, the booking process is designed to be easy and very descriptive. Your yacht charter booking process starts with planning your own holiday plans and wishes. After reviewing the yacht preferences in our fleet, please contact our team.

We choose the right type of yacht according to your demands and clarify the dates.

After that, we clarify the conditions you want, such as menus, route, captain and other rental options.

After all these stages, the price becomes clear and we move on to the payment part.

When your day off comes, everything is ready and you can start your journey.

  • It is recommended to book at least six months in advance to secure your preferred yacht.
  • The most preferred types of yachts; they can also be booked one year in advance to avoid booking problems.

Preparation and Payment Required

After the rental price of your boat is determined, you can pay 40% -50% of it as pre payment, and the remaining amount in cash or money order during boarding. For reservations with a tour date before 60 days, you must pay the entire rental fee. You can contact us for detailed information.

Which Provinces Does Yacht Charter Cover?

You can rent various yachts in Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Göcek and Antalya with Naviga Yachting and Charter Company.

You can also rent a yacht for a trip to the Greek Islands.

We provide Motor yacht charter and luxury gulet charter services in Rhodes, Symi, Kalymnos, Lipsi, Nisyros, Patmos, Mykonos, Santorini, Kos, Ios, Leros, Paros, Naxos and other islands.

Croatia; We offer luxury gulet rental and motor yacht rental in Dubrovnik, Split, Hvor, Makarska, Vis  and other regions.

Montenegro; We provide luxury gulet rental and motor yacht rental services in Kotor, Budva, Tivat, Herceg Novi  and other regions.

You can visit our office for rentals in Bodrum.

How much does a yacht rental cost?

Yacht rental prices vary according to your preferences.

We can talk about 3 different categories: sailing yachts, Gulet type yachts and motor yachts.

The crowd level of your group, the luxury and comfort you are looking for, prices vary according to your choice of charter yacht with a captain.

To briefly mention and  summarize:

-Weekly Gulet Rental prices are between 4,000 – 120,000  € per week.

-Weekly Motoryat rental prices are between 10.000  – 150.000  €.

Are Captain and Crew Services Included in the Price?

Captain,Cook and all boat crew  services; rental fee isincluded.  Snacks for breakfast, lunch, dinner and 5 teas are carefully prepared during the day. While you enjoy your holiday, carefully selected internationally selected dishes are prepared to pamper you at every meal.

To show your satisfaction at the end of the tour; crew tips are 10% of the tour price.

Besides the Rental Fee, Are There Extra Costs?

When calculating the price of your trip, you should consider:

-Yacht rations and drinks

-Port taxes and customs costs in foreign land waters

-K.D.V (Value Added Tax)

-Airport transfer fees

-Fuel cost for water sports and Jet-ski use if available on your boat

-Valid in motoryachts; fuel charge during the period of use

Do I Need Any Documents or Qualifications to Charter a Yacht?

In your rentals for blue cruise with Naviga Yachting; you do not need any maritime licenses.

The captain and crew accompany you to all our private yacht charter services.

You don’t technically need to spend an energy during the tour. Only with the guidance of the captain and crew as a hobby can you help them.

What is the Most Ideal Type of Rental According To Us?

Private Boat/ Gulet Charter: In our private yacht charter services; details such as blue tour route, tour start date, duration and meal menus are planned before the trip for you. Our experienced team is in accordance with the wishes of you and your group only serves you exclusively.

From our yachts with capacities of 2 to 16 cabins in our yacht fleet; you can choose the yachts that best suit you or your group. Standard, luxurious and ultra-luxurious gulet types are available in gulet yacht options.


Motoryacht Rental

If you dream of a luxurious, comfortable and technological tour; you can choose the one that suits you from the motor yachts in our fleet. The cost of fuel used during the journey in motoryacht rentals is not included in the rental price.

Can We Bring Our Pets to the Boat?

Due to the rules,  sadly you are not allowed to bring your single eye pet.

What are the Weather Conditions Like?

The air temperature averages 20-26 degrees in April, May  and October.

In June, July, August and September, the usual temperatures are between 30-38 degrees.

The weather is not very weasy and it does not rain much in summer. There may be wind from time to time.

Can We Smoke on the Boat?

Our guests who want to smoke on the boat can smoke on deck. Due to health conditions and safety measures; smoking is not allowed in the lounge and cabins.

Is there Wi-Fi on the boat?

Yachts in our fleet have Wi-Fi.

Internet interruptions may occur from time to time according to the bays and regions while moving as you may understand.

What is included in the rental fee?

On journeys in Turkish land waters; yacht insurance, port taxes, palamar fees, use water, personnel service, cleaning yacht laundry, use of fuel, transitlog and boat equipment are free services and are included in the price.

Note: The fuel cost consumed in motoryat rental services is yours to pay.

Transitlog: It is a document issued for entry and exit permits to Turkish land waters and ports.

What is not included in the rental fee?

In Greek land waters; airport transfer, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, palamar fees, port taxes, meals and land tours are not included in the price.

What should we bring with us?

First of all, the clothes you will bring should be suitable for day and night weather change.

We recommend bringing hats, highly protected sunscreen, at least two swimsuits, sunbathing towels, protective lipstick camera and/or handycam.

You can also bring a small memoir to write beautiful memories in the logbook J


It is not allowed to walk around the deck in shoes. You can only bring sneakers and shoes to wear during land tours.

Can You Organize Land Tours during the Blue Cruise Process Misgood?

During Private yacht charter; You can arrange land tours to see areas on your Blue Cruise route.  In accordance with your requests; a special guide can accompany you and your group on land tours.

Should we bring snorkels, masks and pallets with us?

We have these materials on our boats. But we still recommend bringing your own special snorkel and glasses.

Can you prepare special Diet M'e nudes?

Private yacht charter services; we can prepare any menu you want. Just plan the details during the booking and registration phase.

What if I Am Seasick?

It is not usually a common condition in our guests.  Luxury gulets and motor yachts in our fleet are extremely comfortable boats. In order not to encounter this type of problem when there is an unusual weather condition, the captain and our boat team show the necessary sensitivity. The comfort of your journey is ensured with the least tremors.

Still, if you’ve had problems with long journeys, such as car keeping or seasickness before; you can tour shorter distance areas.

Can the Start and End of the Tour Be in Different Ports?

You can choose a different port when finishing the tour in private yacht charter services.

In this case; you have to pay the price difference.  Price differences are measured according to the distance between the ports.

What is APA and How Is It Calculated?

Pre-Preparation Advance (APA) is made with charter payment.

Usually, in the MYBA Terms; is a payment of 25% of the total charter fee. This amount reaches 30% in some ultra luxury yachts. This payment; It is used for the expenses made by the captain on your behalf, such as fuel and provisions, etc.

APA fee paid to the captain for the motor fuels, oil renewal and other expenses of the yacht is 25%. At the end of the journey, the captain makes a breakdown of all expenses and payments made on your behalf. This is done by an invoice and document transaction; It takes place at the last landing phase, before your journey ends.

If the captain’s expenditures are lower than the amount of APA; returns will be made with the remaining amount to you. Similarly, if the amount spent passes the amount of APA; you must complete the rest.

Do You Do Point to Point Transfers?

We can transfer according to your requests. You can take a look at our VIP Transfer services.

Can We Get a Drink From Outside?

Private yacht charters; alcoholic/nonalcoholic beverages can be bringed from outside.

The service and delivery belongs to us.

Can we participate in yacht tours with our baby?

In our private yacht charterservices, you can bring  yourbaby to the boat.

Are There Boat Boarding and Landing Hours?

When the day comes of your reservation, boat boarding time starts from 15:30.

On the last day, after breakfast in the morning, the boat exits are at 10:30.

If your journey time is late for return; luggage can be left at the Naviga Yachting Office.

Can We Use Our Electronic Devices on The Boat and How Can We Charge Them?

During Private yacht charters you can charge your phones, tablets and computers on the boat.

If you need to charge a high-voltage device; you must inform us in advance. (over 220 volts)