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Visit Turkey’s popular coves with Naviga Yachting

Do you know how to have an isolated and unique holiday?

Or how about sailing to the vast seas by renting the yacht you’ve always dreamed of?

If Your Answer Is ‘Yes!’’: then it’s time for you to meet Naviga yachting.

We live in a country surrounded by seas on three sides. Almost every shade of blue and green is right next to us. Our western and southern coasts are decorated with clear beaches and coves of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea.

In these incredibly beautiful spots, you can enjoy the azure sea and the wind blowing and feel the peace.

So, where are the most beautiful places to visit by boat tour?



We know that you like to holiday in the bosom of the sun on a beautiful beach and clear waters. Bodrum peninsula has a wide variety of features; you will find Azure golden beaches. You can also do sea parachutes, jet-skis, banana boat rides, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and many other water sports activities on Bodrum beaches.

Bodrum is one of the most important tourism centers of Turkey. Thanks to Bodrum’s many different types of entertainment that appeal to everyone; here, all types of people can find entertainment areas that suit their style. A charming coastline is also at your feet. You will admire Bodrum on your blue journey with its turquoise sea and magnificent coastline. You can visit many different historical sites and museums, such as the 15th century-old Crusader castle of St. Peter. It has many important points, such as the Underwater Archaeological Museum and Bodrum Castle.

Bodrum is considered Turkeys St.Tropez. With many shopping opportunities, you can have a holiday without giving up your habits in city life. The more options there are during the day, the more colorful the nightlife allows you to experience moments.

On the south coast, Bardakçı, Gumbet, Bitez, Aktur, Ortakent, Karaincir, Gümüşlük, Bağla and Akyarlar are popular resorts with their beautiful beaches. Campers and windsurfers enjoy Gumbet; in Bitez, they sail expertly between the poles of yachts in the Bay.

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Turgutreis, Gümüşlük and Yalıkavak are all located on the western side of the peninsula with a magnificent atmosphere. These areas are ideal for swimming, sunbathing and water sports. Torba, Gundogan, Turkbuku and Golturkbuku are popular resorts in the northern part of the Bodrum peninsula. In its mesmerizing coves, clear beaches begin where the pine forests end.

We also recommend that you visit Bodrum’s quality Beach clubs and have a great beach day. In particular, you can live all kinds of luxury life and quality in Bodrum. In the nature, sea, water sports and comfortable city center, we know that you are tired from time to time and want to relax in the evening. But it’s rich when you live by day. The world also has a nightlife. Various venues, colorful shows and endless fun are also waiting for you.

Beach clubs in Bodrum are famous for their fun activities, as well as being located on wonderful day and night beaches.

Are you ready to meet Turkey’s most colorful, luxurious nightlife?

You just need to enjoy yourselves… On this beautiful trip…

Gulf of Gokova

Gulf of Gokova

Gökova Bay is one of the favorite bays of boaters such as Hisaronu and Gocek.

Especially if you are going from Istanbul and Izmir road to Marmaris, you must have stopped to take a photo in the unique view of the Gulf of Gokova. Gökova Bay has a nature famous for its blue-green bays. It is a popular area where sailboats and yacht travellers cruise because of its coves, which start where the lush pine trees end. Hundreds of people explore this wonderful world every day during the summer through boat tours. Speaking of Gokova; Akyaka, Azmak River, Cedar Island, Karacasöğüt, Dish Bay, Fener Bay, Büyük Çatı Bay, Okluk Bay are among the first to come to our mind. When you set your route and sail, you should definitely stop by these quiet, calm and peaceful bays.

Although all bays have their own characteristics, we should definitely mention Cedar Island and Cleopatra Bay.

Sedir Island-Cleopatra Bay

Sedir Island-Cleopatra Bay

Cleopatra bay has a very interesting story. According to legend, Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, and her lover, the Roman commander Antonius, vacationed on the island of Kedrai .Although everything is great, Cleopatra is unhappy that there are no beaches on this island. In addition, Antonius brought 60 ships of fine and special Sands. He built beaches on this island for Cleopatra with special Sands brought from Africa. After that day, this island became a special place where Cleopatra and Antony met for a holiday.

Sedir Island has so many features that its incoming guests are so enchanted. You will also be able to visit the magnificent sea of all shades of blue and green, the ancient city of Kedrai, the ancient theater, cliche and the ruins of the ancient port. The shadows of pine, olive and sedir trees; everywhere can be your resting place as you explore this historic architecture. The rich natural and historical beauties of Sedir Island are so impressive that it is also referred to by names such as Gülen, Cleopatra, Love and Honeymoon.

If you’ve sailed your boat, we’ll say don’t end your cruise without stopping by this island.

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Gulf of Hisaronu

The Gulf of Hisaronu is one of the most ideal bays for boaters such as Gökova and Gocek. There are two major centers such as Orhaniye and Selimiye for overwintering boats. While driving in the Gulf of Hisaronu, you can spend time in many different bays, including relatively low-humidity sheltered bays and siviri burun bays. When you turn your direction towards Bozburun peninsula, we recommend taking small breaks in towns such as Hisaronu, Orhaniye and Selimiye and walking around the bazaar. It can be nice to drink a cold beer in large and small cafes on the shore to relieve fatigue and relax a bit. Find in the Gulf of Hisaronu swimming in the turquoise waters of the Green Paradise which makes you feel like you have been reborn.

Let’s add coves that we hope will help you determine your route.

Gönlücek bay, Dirsekbükü bay, Palmali bay, Bencik, Sucağız bays, Inbükü, Orhaniye and then the shallow port among the first places we can recommend for you.

Especially at sunset, when you watch the colorful dance of the sky, you will see that the stones that you see on the beach turn slightly red and shine. Don’t forget to eat a delicious meal in the evening and continue your nightlife on this journey, where you will experience a separate pleasure at all hours of the day.



Located in Fethiye, Gocek has a structure that can comfort you with its sea and nature with colorful turquoise tones. It is an island where trees touch the sea. On the island, there are sun beds, umbrellas and a facility where you can meet your eating and drinking needs. You can reach the island by our private yachts. Gocek has a beautiful water edge, pine forests and incredibly high mountains.


In addition, Gocek is one of the most popular yacht centers in Turkey.

There are many good restaurants and local shops on the coast. This is 20 km from the airport. So you can easily reach it by plane ride as well.

After Gocek, there are 5 Islands: Gocek Island, Yassica Islands, Zeytin Island, Tersane Island and Pig Island. Yassica island consists of several small islets containing a small pond. Don’t forget to explore the rock tombs of the Lycian period as you wander between the bays and islands of Gocek.


Göbün Bay; Gocek is located 8.4 km from the center. This Bay also has a mooring Place, restaurant, historical monuments and a breakwater. The largest of the islands in the Bay is Tersane Island, and remains of an ancient Greek settlement can be seen on this island. In addition to the restaurant, there are also the remains of a shipyard and watchtower.

In the bath of Cleopatra, which is filled with boats in the summer months, there are ruins of a Byzantine monastery, some of which have been flooded. There are no facilities on the seven islands called yassica islands or “Yassicalar”. Yassica islands are preferred by families with children due to its sandy beach and natural pools located in the extension of the island.

In yassicas, it is possible to capture every particle of Moonlight.

On the island there is a facility to meet your needs such as food, wc, shower. Camping in the bay for hours and relaxing under shade trees is great.

As Naviga yachting; we recommend you to enjoy Gocek for our valued guests.



Marmaris has more than 20 square miles of sheltered water. For this town, we can call it an international sailing center. You can see many international ocean-going yachts in the Bay and in the dock as well.

Marmaris is a mixture of ancient and modern history and style. There is a castle built by Sultan Suleiman in 1522. There are many cafes, restaurants and bars on the waterfront. In this way, you can taste the special tastes of Turkish cuisine and have a great time.

Marmaris is a very popular Turkish yacht charter destination, about an hour’s drive from Dalaman airport.

Enjoy the pine-covered hills.

Marmaris offers wonderful views combined with its natural beauty and the peace of the Blue.

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Considering the beaches in Turkey, you can find everything you are looking for in this charming resort, which is famous for its nightlife that rivals others.There are numerous clubs, bars and restaurants along the Bay. Unspoilt countryside, iconic scenic roads and quaint villages are among the most ideal places for a holiday. You can also wander around ancient ruins and magnificent beaches.

Although there are land tours; most people prefer to spend the Blue Cruise on a yacht. Of course, Marmaris is one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to the Blue journey.

During your holiday, you will discover the streets where fresh spices, designer T-shirts, leather jackets, hand-carved backgammon sets, eye-catching silver jewelry, hand-woven rug carpets and much more are sold.

In Ephesus; Kaunus and Pergamos, you can see historical ruins dating from the Proto-Greek period to the Byzantine period.

Departing from Marmaris, you will watch the famous tombs carved into the cliffs while sailing along the Dalyan River. By sea, you have the chance to go to Gocek and Fethiye Bay in the East. Alternatively, you can go west and explore the Bozburun Peninsula as well.

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Fethiye, which is ancient Telmessos, is a very pleasant district with a wide cord. Fethiye is surrounded by Lycian rock tombs carved into the rocks. Even the Tomb of Amyntas, carved in the style of an Ionian temple on the rock face in the south of the city in the 4th century, is worth a visit alone. Further east, there are impressive Lycian rock tombs extending a few hundred meters above the cliff. There is also a medieval castle built by the Knights of Rhodes on the Southwest, a high rock of the city. In the middle of the district you will also see a Lycian sarcophagus tomb in the form of a small house.

Fethiye has many islands and bays that every yachtsman can easily explore. In the bay you can explore Twenty two Fathom Cove, Ruin Bay, Four Fathom Bay, Tomb Bay and Wall Bay. The area is surrounded by ruins. It is an excellent place to dive and explore the ruins of the Lycian and Byzantine periods. You should also definitely go to Gemiler Island and Ölüdeniz.

There are three marina options where you can anchor in Fethiye. Fethiye Ece Marina with large 400 beds is located on the southern shore of the Bay, just west of Fethiye Ece Marina with 30 beds Yacht Classic Hotel Marina as well. About a mile away is the smaller 20-bed Yes Marina. On the north side of the Bay is another so-called marina called Letoonia Marina, a boat park for visitors staying in the adjacent resort complex, rather than a traditional Marina.

Babadag has the most favorable and safe wind flow in the world for paragliding. Paratroopers flying like butterflies in the Sky offer you a visual feast while enjoying the bays of the valley of butterflies.

Fethiye is located between Dalaman Airport and Antalya Airport, providing easy access to both.



History of Antalya, King of Pergamon II. Attalus (I.He. 160-139) founded the city in the 2nd century BC. It starts in the 2nd century. It was originally called Attaleia, a name that was retained until the Ottomans. Attaleia had been a Roman city at that time. Roman Emperor Hadrian visited the city as well. It was used as a stage point during the Crusades.

12 ad. in the century, Attaleia was taken from the Byzantines for a short time by the Seljuk Turks and taken back by the Byzantines. After that, the Ottoman Sultan Yildirim Beyazit was permanently conquered by the Ottomans during the reign of I.

After World War II, it was left to Italy in 1918, but was also taken into Turkish territory in 1921.

Antalya today is a thriving city with a population of over one million. The Old Town of Kaleici, near the port, is a very charming place and definitely worth a visit. It has many beautifully restored houses, which have been converted into quite fancy boutique hotels and hostels. That’s why the whole city is more luxurious than before. Currently, Antalya has a wide cord overlooking the sea, interspersed between attractive parks.

Antalya today is a thriving city with a population of over one million. The Old Town of Kaleici, near the port, is a very charming and worth a visit. It has many beautifully restored houses, which have been converted into quite fancy boutique hotels and hostels. That’s why the whole city is more luxurious than before.

At the moment, Antalya can be visited from the attractive parks of Ara Şehir, the expensive Çelebi Marina in the commercial port; the old Roman port (which can be very congested and noisy sometimes ) or the Kemer Marina. Both within and around the city there are numerous sites and tourist attractions that make this place worth visiting…



KAS was formerly Antiphellus, a Greek town. After the disastrous Turkish-Greek War, it was populated by Greeks until the 1921 population exchange. In ancient times, the Lycian city was Habesos. During the Roman period, it was an important sponge Trade Center. It is 2.1 miles by sea from the Greek island Kastelorizo (Meis).

Today Kas is a lively and very touristic resort. Besides having a great fruit market and many restaurants, it is also a very convenient place to organize land trips.

As in all of Turkey, there are a wide range of options to see and taste in the beautiful shores and coves of the Aegean and Mediterranean.

As Naviga yachting company, we offer a holistic plan to our guests who want to find peace and have fun in this rich nature. You can also benefit from our VIP Transfer and hotel booking services, especially Motor yacht charter and Luxury gulet charter.

You can participate in the helicopter tours that we organize throughout all these locations, as well as choose a private jet rental service.


As Naviga yachting company, we invite you to enjoy all kinds of blue and green in these historic beautiful places.

Contact us now to find out more and let us create the best holiday experience for you.