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Croatia has Islands whose habitat, population and characteristic features are different from each other. In a fairly large part of these islands, whose numbers exceed 1000, there is an untouched nature. In fact, there are many islets where no one lives as a resident. On other islands in this unique nature paradise, there are residents on islands whose population is not very crowded. In these Island cities, we see that the historical ruins of Byzantium are preserved in a natural way. Generally, when sailing in turquoise blue clear waters; as you approach the island, the first thing that catches your eye is a lush nature and historic stone buildings.


And when you dock at the port and get off your luxury gulet or motor yacht, you enter a completely different world. The music playing in the streets, the dances sound like a cultural feast. An agreement was made with the Ottoman Empire to carry out the salt trade on this land. People sympathize with Turkish culture. As a matter of fact, these people, who carry the cultural heritage of great civilizations such as Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire, have a cheerful, heartfelt structure so that you can immediately participate in their entertainment.

I can’t go without mentioning the regions that are the most visited and really worth this interest when it comes to Croatia.


1-) Dudrovnik

To come to Croatia and not visit Dubrovnik; It’s like traveling to Italy and not seeing Rome.

Historical, landscape and medieval houses are like mirrors of traditional life.

Which reflects everything. All year round; The city surrounded by the warm weather of the Mediterranean climate; It has all kinds of wealth that vacationers seek.

Dubrovnik; The city’s museums and festivals, the town’s taverns, restaurants, and wonderful landscapes confirm the famous saying of the Irish author:


“Those who seek a paradise on earth should come to this city.”

-Bernard Shaw

How about you head out to Dubrovnik and see if this statement is  true?

Even the army of Hollywood special effects experts; They went to great lengths to design a set as flawless and pure as Dubrovnik. This alone; explains the town’s growing popularity as a attraction.


Such as ; (Game of Thrones, Star Wars VII)

Discover where the Lannisters planned, where Joffrey ended, or you can visit Littlefinger’s brothel. (shooting areas of the series set)

If you are a serious Game of Thrones fan who wants to explore the shooting locations used in 2-5. seasons, you should definitely plan a Dubrovnik tour.


In the city of Dubrovnik, you will see the azure waves shining under the ancient city walls and the lights of the sun converging. You should watch the magnificent silhouettes created by this natural composition. This historical building and the landscape in the city are protected as UNESCO World Heritage.


The harbor, which has been kneaded with trade ships in history; Nowadays it is among the places frequented by yachtsmen. On the shore of the Adriatic Sea; You must discover the aesthetic architecture and the splendor of nature consisting of botanical gardens, monasteries and walls.


2-) Split

Split is Croatia’s second largest city with a population of over 200,000. Split, one of the most important centers on the Adriatic coast, is a fairly large city. Although it is seen as only a transition point by those who travel around the world in history; Traveling to the city and the surrounding historical attractions is easy, with excellent transportation points and connections by bus, sea, airways and train.


Traveling with boats is an excellent option for a variety of dining, drinks and nightlife integrated with both Roman and more modern times, numerous beaches and sightseeing opportunities, and multiple points of interest for those looking for a day trip. Split is just one of the points that are increasing in popularity today!


However, Split, which remains one of the liveliest port cities of the Adriatic, is  located between the mountains and the sea with its dazzling climate and nature. The economic and cultural center of the Dalmatian coast, Split has historic attractions such as Diocletian’s Palace, a World Heritage Site. There are so many things to do in this city with day trips, first-class nightlife and impossible places and restaurants.


It was the Romans who put Split on the map when Emperor Diocletian built his retirement palace here in the 4th century. Diocletian’s Palace is more like a city surrounded by walls, and even when the Byzantines, Croat kings, Venetians, Austrians and Italians planted flags in this great city in the past, this point has continued to exist as the center of Split’s cultural and political life. Although now referred to as a Roman ruin and a medieval church, the surrounding campus is full of trendy shops, stylish bars and branded boutiques.


Right on the edge of Split is Riva with its clear sea.


Riva, It is the promenade on the harbor side of Split and has a culture called “fjaka”. This is the art of doing absolutely nothing. Take a seat in one of the cafes surrounding Riva and watch the world go by. Let your mind dive, feel your body relax and your senses sharpen.


Now, This is fjaka!


Woodsy Marjan Hill


Woodsy Marjan hill rises gently from western Split as a hill offering panoramic views of Split and the nearby islands. Following the shady paths that wind through the forest will take you to several old churches, a Jewish cemetery and a small zoo. Definitely take a break to cool off at Cafe Vidilica, a popular local hangout, and relieve your tiredness with a unique view and a cold beer.


Study Ancient History at Split Archaeological Museum


The Archaeological Museum of Split is the oldest museum in Croatia, with most of its artifacts from Central Dalmatia, particularly Salona. The collection includes Greek pottery, Roman and early Christian sarcophagi, and a large collection of ancient coins, jewelery and tools.


The most fun night life!


Split’s nightlife starts every day with the setting sun, celebrated with soft music and softer cocktails in various beach clubs. Larger dance clubs are generally outside the center of Split, but there are clubs and bars where you can move around in and around the old town.


3-) Hvar

Hvar Island has been ranked among the 10 most attractive islands in the world for years, especially thanks to its mild climate and hospitable people.

It is different with its crystalline clear sea, beautiful beaches, good food and wine, lavender-scented pristine environment.

Considering the feature of being the sunniest island; We are sure that Hvar will satisfy even the most curious travelers.

The island of Hvar is one of the largest islands on the Adriatic coast and is called “Croatian Madeira”. It is the longest island on the Adriatic coast.

You can feel every shade of green with its crystal blue sea, magnificent bays, sandy and pebbly beaches, mild climate, lush vegetation, vineyards, olive groves, endless lavender fields.

Hvar Island attracts us with its Mediterranean cuisine, historical and cultural landscapes.


4-) Zadar

Zadar is the only place where modern and ancient cultures collide in blissful harmony to create one of Dalmatia’s most dynamic and exciting cities. Its central location and international airport have made Zadar a popular gateway to Croatia. Zadar is a unique experience to explore Roman ruins and Venetian architecture, admire a solar powered light show, enjoy fine cuisine and watch a magnificent sunset accompanied by the relaxing sounds of the sea.


Zadar’s historic center is tucked into a narrow peninsula. But exploring this place is truly fascinating. Wandering the streets is like peeling a fruit through layers of time until the 9th century BC in ancient Illyria, where the story of Zadar begins. The old town is paved with bright white stones and its straight streets were first made by the Romans.


The old town is located on a peninsula bordered by roads that run along two quays. The southwest dock Riva is a pleasant pedestrian promenade, while the northeast dock on the other side is the Old Port, where the passenger ferries and Ancona-Zadar ferry dock are located. Beyond medieval Zadar, the economic center of the city also lies here, as the post-war residences, industrial parks and commercial districts spread out into the suburbs.


In the history of Zadar; It was conquered by the Romans and became the Iadera colony. Later, the Venetians moved to this area, but this port city has been attacked by the Turks many times in the past. Venetian rule was in Italy until the Austrians in the 18th century and then the Germans in 1943. Allied bombardment destroyed much of the old state of the historic center, which was rebuilt after the war, and was subjected to further attacks by Yugoslav forces in 1991. Zadar, which adds new pages to its history after every war it has gone through, is a point you should definitely see.


You should definitely discover the Roman ruins, St. Donat Church, Venetian walls, Church history Museum and many more historical spots …


Zadar has become an increasingly popular spot in recent years. The city was filled with cafes and bars, museums and churches were restored, and tourists flocked to take advantage of beaches, bars, restaurants and cultural amenities. Not only is  Zadar one of the most historically interesting cities in the Adriatic, it is also within driving distance of four national parks: Plitvice Lakes, Krka Waterfalls, Paklenica and North Velebit, as well as areas where you can go by boat to Kornati Islands National Park. In addition to this archipelago consisting of small islands such as Ugljan, Pasman, Molat and Premuda, the large Pag and Dugi Otok islands to be visited are also points where you should definitely anchor with your personal boat and yacht with their climate and clear waters.



Makarska city; It is one of the most beautiful cities in Middle Dalmatia, 65 km from Split and 155 km from Dubrovnik.

Makarska; It is a touristic paradise as the center of the Makarska waterway, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia.

Starting from Split; Most of those who have visited Central Dalmatia have discovered that between Split and Dubrovnik there are Croatia’s most beautiful beaches. Of course, they realized that the best investment for them is to buy a house on these beaches. The majority of visitors come from time to time in the houses they buy or rented and return for their holidays.

Makarska; It is located on a 38-mile-long waterway from the northern village of Brela to the small fishing village of Gradac in the south.

Makarska is the largest town very similar to Split Riva beach with its palm tree promenade.

Two peninsulas protected by the mighty slopes of Mount Biokovo and Osejava and St. It is surrounded by Peter parks. This Mediterranean town; Thanks to its geographical features and abundant sunlight, it has a temperate climate. Due to the richness of activities that can be done, it is among the must-see places on our list.

Similar to the Riva walkway in Split; in this small port too; There is a street with stylish cafes, bars and boutique shops. Long palm trees and a small marina accompany you when you take a little stroll.



Vis Island, the furthest point of the small and all Middle Dalmatian islands; It is the furthest natural paradise in the Eastern Mediterranean. It has been a military base for almost 50 years and is one of the last shelters to be banned until 1989.


Untouched nature; It is one of the most important features that make this island truly ancient Mediterranean. Vis Island, where very crowded tourist groups do not come; It offers a calm environment for guests who want to have a more isolated holiday. Especially, this island whose cuisine is very delicious; It can surprise you with its white wines and wineries. The gourmet cuisine consisting of small fishing villages and seafood in Vis Island keeps the old Mediterranean charm alive.


Vis Island; It is a frequent destination for people who want a calm holiday due to its calm and secluded structure, crystal blue sea and peace. If you are a traveler looking for a peaceful place with no crowds; Vis will be the perfect island for you.


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