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Isolated Holidays and Yacht Rental in Pandemic

Like many habits that changed during the Pandemic; Our need for vacation has also understandably increased. And the concept of isolated vacation entered our lives. Our lives changed chaotically in the first quarter of 2020. This change left its place to vacation in safer and healthier conditions in the summer months. Then we entered the winter months again and this time our process of adjusting to the new normal was faster; We all think about our memories in those magnificent bays in summer and sigh deeply.

covid 19 yacht charters
covid 19 yacht charters

As people living in Turkey we realized we were quite lucky in this regard. Especially in Bodrum; We have a blue voyage paradise stretched out with all its grace in places such as Marmaris, Gökova, Fethiye, Göcek and Antalya. When this is the case; yachtsmen and sailboat enthusiasts began to enjoy the isolated holidays with ease. Motor yacht charter, sailing boat tours and luxury gulet charter services, which have become popular in the summer months, have been the savior of all of us in making an isolated holiday. Although the season is over; We see that many boats and yachts have overwintered in Göcek bays. Many people who can create opportunities try to spend the process of closing home on their boats.

Another trigger factor of the isolated holiday concept is, according to hotels and hostels; Being  able to provide conditions away from the crowd. When you make a reservation at the hotel, there is a general capacity. Therefore, it is difficult to completely eliminate the crowded environment factor before the trip. But Naviga Charter solves all the hassle for you.

As Naviga Yachting Company; We have handled your isolated holiday with a holistic view. Covid19 poses a vital risk to all of us as humans. But along with that; many people can survive also. However, we have almost zeroed our social life in order to eliminate the risk of contamination. Human is  a psycho-social creature. Therefore, our main goal is to contribute to your social life and happiness in this process.

Naviga Yachting company; is a luxury gulet and motor yacht charter company headquartered in Bodrum. At the same time, thanks to our helicopter rental and private jet rental services, you can add color to your holiday in isolation. In addition to all these; You can also make VIP transfer services and hotel reservations with Naviga Yachting.

Especially nowadays where hygiene and distance rules are the most important part of our lives; Thanks to our VIP transfer service that starts at the moment you land at the airport, you can get a high level of comfort.

covid 19 yacht charters
covid 19 yacht charters

We provide all your needs starting from your VIP vehicle to yacht charter and sailing. Let’s say you decide to rent a motor yacht. At the booking stage; We receive a series of requests and orders such as whether you want to hire a captain or what your food needs are. We determine your holiday calendar, route, all the land, air and sea services you want during this holiday. Thus, your personally designed isolated holiday plan is ready. And you reach your luxury gulet or motor yacht with the least contamination rate.

Everything you need is ready to start your blue voyage.

With your loved ones; Everything is ready to swim in the blue green bays, discover interesting tastes in magnificent sunsets and have fun evenings.

Although your soul may be tired, don’t worry!

You are in one of the most beautiful geographies where you can relieve all your tiredness, reach the peaks of entertainment and refresh yourself.

As Naviga Yachting Company; We also offer all our services in the Greek Islands, Croatia and Montenegra.

When you opened or motor yacht with a luxury gulet from Bodrum, you can explore all the Greek islands and the sea as from Turkey.

We provide motor yacht charter and luxury gulet charter services in Rhodes, Symi, Mykonos, Santorini, Kos, Ios, Leros, Paros, Naxos and other islands.

In addition:

Croatia; We accompany you in regions such as Dubrovnik, Split, Hvor, Zadar and Makarska where the Adriatic sea meets magnificent nature and history.

Montenegro; We provide luxury gulet charter and motor yacht charter services in Budva and other regions.

Our private jet charter, helicopter tours, luxury gulet charter and motor yacht charter services make everything possible for your isolated vacation in Croatia, Montenegro (Montenegro) and the Greek Islands.


Life is short !

I think we memorize very well as a word but; We now keep this word, the meaning of which we have not internalized, at the center of our lives.

“Just want to do this-that when the pandemic is over. “”

“I missed having fun together with my friends.”

This and so many sighs are just an example…

You don’t need to postpone anymore. We are here so that you can have a safe and sterile holiday from the first to the last day to the last minute.

By air, road or sea.

Regardless of the vehicle; Everything you are looking for a comfortable, luxurious and safe holiday is here.

Reaching the Naviga Yachting team; Now is the right time to get information, make a reservation and design your wonderful holiday.


Life is short!

But the sea is waiting for us.


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