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Gulf of Hisaronu with Naviga Yachting

Hisaronu Bay or Gulf of Hisaronu is one of the unique spots of Turkey with its bright, clear waters, beautiful bays and Blue-Green Climate. The Gulf of Hisaronu, located in the Cape of Bozan in the North, is a Blue Cruise Paradise. Spending a perfect day in this environment with the most beautiful and most attractive effect of nature and exploring new places will be an unforgettable experience. Pine trees descend to the banks to the North. On the coastline, palm trees add a separate elegance to this nature paradise. As you navigate the bay with your boat, the calm of the sea will immediately attract your attention and invite you to a peaceful blue journey.

Hisaronu Bay is one of the most beautiful bays of the Aegean Sea. Nature has been very generous here. Blue and Green, where colors abound, they blend together like two magnificent birds…

Hisaronu is a very charming place with its magnificent nature, unbeatable nature view and crystal clear sea. It is located just southwest of Marmaris city center, one of the most famous and beautiful tourist attractions of Marmaris Region.

Hisaronu is not actually a bay; it is one of the largest gulfs in the region.

Are you dreaming of an ideal blue cruise tour to find peace in the middle of green and blue nature, away from the crowded resorts?

Then the correct address is Hisaronu.

The air in Hisaronu is so fresh that people who holiday in this region have had a healing effect on their problems such as heart problems, asthma. It is believed to have a fascinating healing effect with the unique May heats it has.


Explore all these coves and beautiful settlements with Naviga Charter. Experience these unique blue cruise routes in the bay you want with your specially prepared boat or yacht.

Hisaronu will definitely be an unforgettable stop for you…

It has a very warm and relaxing climate. On some days, you may feel this temperature too much. Don’t forget to keep your sunscreen with you 🙂


Hisaronu Bay and Activities

Windsurfing is very popular in the Gulf of Hisaronu. It is a popular stop for surfing lovers and gulets as it is a healthy wind area.

Many visitors prefer the Gulf of Hisaronu to surf in the summer. If you’re a surf lover or just want to start learning, this is exactly where you need to go.

You can take private lessons here to learn to surf or improve your skills. You can also rent equipment, surf at any point for hours with your motor yacht and luxury gulets.


Horse riding and Safari

Some of the most famous riding clubs around Marmaris are also located in Hisaronu. Horse safaris and horse riding are very popular in the area.

If you are interested in equestrian sports, you will definitely enjoy Hisaronu. Also, an event like horse safari will be quite an interesting and memorable moment for you and your loved ones.

For Safari, you can choose from several activity areas located on the beach or in the forest.


As Naviga Charter, we prepare everything for you; we make these great experiences your reality.

The comfort provided by our motor yacht or luxury gulets waiting for you to explore special events in the region, it will take you to different bays and routes every day…

Isn’t it fun to get out of bed and dive into the sea before you even have breakfast in the morning?  You will meet the day in blue and taste completely different unique beauties every day on this journey.

As you cruise in the Gulf of Hisaronu, you can see dolphins swimming cheerfully in the water. If you’re lucky, they can get close to your boat and let you see them up close.

Watching the sunset at Hisaronu is an incredible experience…


Hisaronu has a dark red sandy nature and the view of the beach at sunset is almost beautiful, just like the most famous oil paintings…


In the last moments of the day, when you never want it to end, you should definitely enjoy the Orange riot in the sky. Don’t forget to take a few photos and immortalize these memorable moments…


Calm Sea, Maximum Comfort

If you are not looking for strenuous activities and may want to get away from the chaos, noise, work life and stress, or if you are just looking for a holiday to relax and chill, then Hisaronu is the right place for you.

The region has become increasingly popular over the past few years. It is known as one of the most convenient places where you can have fun with local delicacies, a cold beer, and beautiful music.

You can read books, listen to music or just lie down and sunbathe on your specially prepared yacht and boat. The peace of being in the Bay and the embrace of this beautiful nature that will not be found anywhere, you will feel just like home.


Surrounding Islands and Bays

With your private yacht or boat, you should definitely visit the magnificent points such as Bozburun, Inbükü Bay, Kartal Bay, Rabbit Island and Bencik Port…


If you spend one of your great days in these areas, you will certainly not regret it. Now you can experience all the experiences that come to mind when it is called Blue journey in unforgettable spots…


Bozburun and Its Surroundings

Bozburun is located at the southwestern end of Marmaris. Distance to Marmaris is 45 km. It is a very popular resort, especially in terms of yacht tourism. Daily life is very calm and quiet. Bozburun is one of the points we recommend, especially for our guests who want to spend a quiet holiday and time. This region is mostly known for its yacht and gulet shipyards. Motorized wooden gulets, the symbol of the Blue Tour, are built here and prepared for our guests.


Bozburun, located within the borders of the ancient city of Larymna, is an excellent option for history lovers. The ruins of the ancient city of Larymna can be reached by walking distance of about 45 minutes to Asar Hill. It offers a unique opportunity for trekking lovers with its ideal view for a beautiful nature hike. Ancient city walls and some tombstones are scattered around the perimeter. Asar Hill is a magnificent area with its views.


Gönlücek Bükü

These small bays facing east and southeast between Bozan Cape and Dil Burnu are called Gönlücek Bays. We can call this region the quietest bays of the gulf.

Small bays on the west coast of Gönlücek Bükü are very sheltered. We can say that there is almost a bay for every boat entering the bay.


Hurmalı Bük

It is a famous place with its slopes and palm trees around it extending to the northeast of Dil Burnu.

This bay is not connected to the highway; It is a unique option for boat and yacht lovers. The colors of the sea and its natural wonders are very beautiful. Especially, it is a unique spot that creates a postcard-like landscape where boats sailing together board side by side and enjoy the sea.

Sucağız Bays

It is another bay in the north east of Rabbit Island. The pine trees gushing out of the rocks, and the volcanic rocks that look like decorations, give you a completely different atmosphere. Three beautiful bays separated by capes are side by side in this region. Daily tour boats come to this bay a lot.

Çamurlu Bay

This bay has a much different structure compared to the others. In the bay surrounded by pine trees; rocks come out like mushrooms, forming hills. There is a small nose extending eastward in the middle of the sheep. This nose divides the dark into two. It is an ideal area for walking among the forests. This bay and the next İnbükü Bay is under the protection of the Ministry of Forestry. It is a very beautiful bay important with its nature.


İnbükü Bay

This bay is also known as “Emel Sayın Bay”. The famous Turkish singer Emel Sayın came to this bay with her personal private yacht and spent her days here, taking this name and its popularity increased.

However, his real name is İnbükü. The word “in” is in Turkish; It means “Bear Cave”. There used to be many bears in this region.

İnbükü Bay; It has a magnificent nature. The sea is very beautiful and the air is really clean and fresh. If you have a route around Marmaris or Bodrum, this bay is one of the only places you should definitely not miss.

There is also an organized camping area in İnbükü Bay. The area has toilets, showers, electricity, laundry services and restaurants with a variety of unique flavors, so this area will be a comfortable camping and recreation spot for you. Also, remember that you can drink the water that comes from the mountains which is quite healthy…

There is a forest just behind the bay. This bay, whose air is very clean, has a very relaxing and peaceful nature. It is a perfect place to get rid of the stress and negative energies of daily life …


Many people visit Inbuku just to relax and up the mood …



Martı Marina

It is a unique living center for seafarers, in unique nature, on the east side at the entrance of Orhaniye Bay. It is a marina where you will feel like in a bay while staying.

In the morning or in the evening this place is just has another beauty for itself.

The hills around the marina are covered with pine forests. It is in the marina with all shades of green and blue.

It has a market where it can provide all your needs and also has a swimming pool. It has a very nice and different atmosphere; There are also several hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes.

It is a marina to live in every moment of the year. The mild climate attracted many yachtsmen who lived on their boats in winter and the friendships were strengthened.

Since the marina is located in Orhaniye, it benefits from all the historical, geographical and touristic opportunities of the region. Bybassos Ancient City, Kızkumu, Waterfall are some of them.


It is believed that the ancient Bybassos settlement is at the foot of Eren Mountain. People; For medical treatment, they would come to the monument dedicated to Hemitia, the goddess of health, and they would sleep in the temple here for their treatment. It is estimated that the ruins of the castle and thiato belong to the ancient city of Bybassos.


It is also possible to buy fresh vegetables, fruits and local food here.


Bencik Harbor

This place is called Bencik Harbor, but it’s actually a bay. Bencik Port is mostly preferred by our guests who rent private yachts. Bencik Harbor is the narrowest point of the Datça Peninsula. One side is Hisarönü and the other side is the Gulf of Gokova.

When we look at the history of Bencik Harbor, some stories written by the world famous Herodotus welcome us …

According to these stories, In 550 B.C., the Persian army reached the Datça Peninsula. When the people of Knidos learned about this, they decided to dig the narrowest point (Bencik) and reunite the Gulf of Gökova and the Gulf of Hisaronu. Thus, the peninsula would become an island and it would be much easier to defend this island. However, they failed to do so, and the Persians eventually captured the city.


Bencik Harbor is one of the most important points for our visitors who want to live in this historical place, unique journeys and places that smell history.


Rabbit Island

This island has hundreds of very beautiful rabbits named after it. Rabbit Island is a very special place for nature lovers. You can take unforgettable photos when you visit the island. You can also feed the rabbits with your family and loved ones, and get one to have if you want.

After Rabbit Island, you can stop at Dişlice Island. We generally recommend taking lunch breaks on this island.

After lunch, you can jump into the crystal clear sea and burn the calories you have earned at lunch 🙂

Also, some of our guests often go to Kamelya Island. On this island, there is an old monastery built in the Ancient Greek period.



Orhaniye with it’s Red sand, island, high mountains, forest and green areas; It is a place where you can live without going anywhere for the rest of your life.

In the middle of the bay, there is “Kale Island”. There is a Byzantine Castle ruin and walls on the island. You can also see the rabbits on the island from here.

Following this shore towards the south, you arrive at the famous Kızkumu location. This region is a very busy area. Jeep and safari tours stop here and visiting guests take a walk in Kızkumu.

It consists of regions such as Orhaniye Village, Keçibükü and Merkez Neighborhood, whose history dates back to around 300 BC.

Previous name of the old Greek village with typical Mediterranean features; It was “KİRVASIL” which means “Vasil with Whiskers”.

Apart from Kızkum, the ruins of Bybasos Ancient City and Bayır Waterfall, which is  8 kilometers away, can be seen in the region.


Sığ Harbor

Another wonder of nature.

The bay has become more crowded and popular in recent years. Boats and gulets that make daily tours in the region definitely visit this bay.

It has a naturalness that relaxes people with its cool air on days when the sea is calm.



It is a sheltered bay in Lodos. A street market is set up on Wednesdays.

There are many different dock restaurants in Selimiye. They all serve with fish-based menus. Its atmosphere is much different than other bays. You can take walks on the paths of the small Selimiye Village lying on the beach, and you can buy it from the local people, especially those who live in the village, bake the village bread in the gardens.

Vegetables and fruits are grown in lush gardens. You can also buy them in front of the garden. While fishing boats, houses, families, coffees, gardens behind them, poultry and village environment in the coastal line, you can experience the village environment in its most natural state, you can get excellent services and facilities in touristic facilities with the most advanced possibilities.

There are very nice hotels, hostels and accommodation places and they are almost in the sea. It has markets to meet every need.

There is also a diving school and diving boat in Selimiye. It is a very beautiful area that we recommend for guests who like to dive.



Between the Kargıcık and Bear Burun’s, it is a bay with a structure that gets narrower towards the end between the high hills.

It is a bay with a clear sea and a very nice climate. Vegetables and fruits that residents grow in their gardens come to your table. Also, village bread is baked in the morning in the special oven in the garden. Your eggs come to the kitchen from the hen house in the garden and become a delicious omelet for you. You can experience the village and natural life to the most extreme possibilities.

It is a green and warm area. There is a water well in the garden and water supply is provided to the boats that desire. There is no electricity in this bay. Generally, the generator works, at night after everything is finished, the generator is turned off, the bay becomes dark. It has a completely different atmosphere on moonlit nights.

Its air and water is very good, it has a natural climate that never overwhelms its guests.

Girneyit Bay

Another perfect bay for those who want to listen to their heads and be alone with nature. Because the water is deep, it is calm and slightly cool. You can anchor here with your boat or yacht, relax and enjoy the day.


Dirsek Bükü

Generally, fishing boats and the boats of the people living in the village stop here. This is a very sheltered and beautiful bay. Next to a stone bakery on the dock, the famous restaurant overlooking the bay is reached. Its appearance and nature is perfect.

You can literally relax and relieve the tiredness of the day in this bay where the sea is cool.


There are many places to see in Hisaronu and more than one ancient point to visit, blended with history.


Let’s examine a few of them for you …


Bybassos Ancient City

Hisarönü is located on the border of an ancient city called Bybassos. This ancient city has an old temple named hemithea on Mount Eren. If you are interested in history, you should definitely visit this temple. Its unique ruins have been found to belong to the ancient city of Kastabos. It is located in a medieval castle that you can see in the region. If trekking is an activity you love, you should definitely attend one of the various group activities that have taken the same journey as you, for exploring the region and for this historical city.


Knidos Ancient City (DATCA)

First of all, archaeological discoveries still continue in the ancient city of Knidos. The most important of antiquity; Knidos, one of the cities of trade, art and culture; it is a city where the first experiments of democracy were experienced.


Its geographical location in the middle of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea; has made it a center of attraction throughout history. If you can imagine the conditions of that period, for ships sailing; It is of strategic importance to rest, store supplies or buy merchandise.


During the period; Endoksos conducted scientific studies in the field of mathematics, astronomy and physics in this city. The most important Observatory of the period was in Knidos.


When you visit the ancient city of Knidos; You should definitely see the Aphrodite Statue. Tens of thousands of people from many parts of the world; they come just to discover this statue and the ancient city of Knidos.


Praksiletes, the artist of the Aphrodite Statue; it gave the marble a soul. Already marble; Because it is the closest engraving stone to the tissue of the human body; It has been used with great skill in the sculptures of the ancient world throughout history.


It was also one of the important trade products of the “Knidos Wine” era. It was sold to many cities and countries from the Eastern Black Sea Region to Athens.

Knidos Necropolis; It is the whole of the ancient tombs in the city. These ancient tombs lasting for 4-5 kilometers; It is among the largest necropolises in the world from ancient times to the present day.


On your way to Knidos, you can watch this ancient visual feast on the roadside and on the hills opposite.



Datça has a wide range of opportunities in terms of yacht tourism and water sports; It is a popular area of ​​yacht tourism, which intensifies between Bodrum and Fethiye. Its nature, where moisture is not felt with the constant wind, offers a spacious holiday. It is ideal for local and foreign tourists to do nature and water sports such as trekking, sailing and surfing.

Datça peninsula is the stopover point of boats that organize Blue Voyages from Bodrum and Marmaris. While the guests are enjoying the sea and nature; They also love the charming Datça streets and cafes on the land. Knidos ancient city; It is one of the places where holidaymakers show the most interest. The magnificent sea, nature and the ancient city of Knidos have become a center of attraction. Due to its geographical location, it is not only the focal point of yachts and sailboats coming from Bodrum. It is also a luxury gulet and motor yachts of the exit door leading to the Greek Islands from Turkey. In addition, motor yachts and sailboats from the Greek Islands enter and exit Datça Harbor throughout the day. People from the Greek islands; Especially from Rhodes and (Symi) Sömbeki islands, they come to the district to do shopping by boats on Saturdays.


Hisaronu; beautiful climate, turquoise sea water, beautiful beaches, boat tours, horse riding, etc. It is a paradise where many activities such as. It is a unique point in the world and should definitely be on your route.


Just listen to the songs of the birds, the sounds of small waves in the sea and breathe the positive energy in the air.


Have a great cruise in Hisaronu-Marmaris with Naviga Charter.


Imagine; You are in front of the boat from which you will sail just with a small suitcase. The boat staff greets you with a smile. As you completely cut off your relationship with the land, you feel yourself filled with happiness. As soon as you get on the boat, you put your shoes in the basket and forget them. Because you won’t need it again until the journey is over. As the boat leaves the harbor, you are sipping the “welcome cocktail”. Then you settle into your cabin and wait impatiently to anchor in the first bay chosen by the captain. This is the first bay where you will meet the deep blue. Afterwards, you will spend the morning in beautiful bays and greet the night. The return will not be easy; You will get off the boat dreaming of another journey …


We, as Naviga Charter:

We offer a holistic plan to our guests who want to find peace and have fun in this rich nature. We can customize all of our services and portfolios according to your wishes. Motor Yacht Charter, Luxury Gulet Charter in particular; By taking advantage of more than one service, from VIP Transfer to Hotel Reservation; You can plan a comfortable and luxurious holiday.


You can join the helicopter tours we organize throughout all these locations, as well as choose the private jet rental service. As Naviga Chater; We provide the unique nature, history, deep blue bays, clear sea, the best flavors and the comfort you seek while reaching beautiful places.



Anywhere can be relaxing when you leave the city, but waking up in a different bay every day is a very different feeling …

Call us right now to get more information and to make reservations about our other services.