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Blue cruising with private yachts is a type of holiday that is growing in popularity. Blue voyage was first discovered in the 1950s by Cevat Shakir and his friends knowns as fisherman from Halicarnassus. Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, especially all the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts can be traveled. At the same time, you can travel to all Greek islands from Turkey.

During the blue cruise; You can enjoy the turquoise water in beautiful bays. There are dozens of beautiful bays where transportation is not possible while vacationing on land. It is also possible to see the lush green forests where residences are not built and to walk in nature.

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When making a blue cruise with private yachts; You can spend as much time as you want in these quiet, calm and blue-green coves that can only be reached from the sea. Southern Aegean and Mediterranean coasts is not to pass without mentioning their historical heritage. For thousands of years; This wonderful geography, the cradle of civilization, has always been a favorite place in maritime history. In ancient cities from Ancient Greece and Byzantine periods, you can go on cultural trips.

Blue Cruise By Turkey

Boat tour in Turkey

During the blue voyage of Gökova and Hisarönü; You can add color to your holiday with activities such as kitesurfing, safari and horse riding. When you come to Fethiye part of your blue cruise route with private yachts, you can swim in the Butterfly Valley, jump from Babadağ with paragliding and return to your boat in the evening.

If we add Antalya and the Greek islands; In the middle of a 2000-year-old historical fabric; You will definitely feel the joy of blue and green.

Every year, millions of people take a blue cruise to discover these beauties and have fun.

At this point, you should plan a blue cruise with private yachts; It allows you to have an isolated and comfortable holiday.

Although the nature and the sea are magnificent here, the risks brought by the Pandemic require us to be protected from crowded beaches.

With your group of friends, family or business contacts, you can experience a sheltered, comfortable and luxurious blue voyage.

Blue Cruise by Chartering Gulet

Blue Cruise by Chartering Gulet

Blue voyage by chartering a gulet is especially ideal for large groups. Luxury gulets unique to Bodrum region in terms of production. They are luxurious and large-bodied yachts. If you are planning a blue voyage in a larger group as there are 2-6 personned gulet yachts, we have suitable boats for you. According to motor yachts, their capacities and being large-bodied are for crowded groups, it also makes them suitable for parties on the boat.

Blue voyage by chartering a gulet can be your savior in planning a motivating vacation with your company employees. It will be inspiring to swim in beautiful bays, stroll through charming towns and take nature walks decorated with ancient cities. At the end of the day, your employees and friends will turn into more creative individuals than ever before.

Blue cruise by chartering a gulet also offers special opportunities for conservative and veiled friend groups and families. If you are a conservative individual and with your group wants to have a holiday suitable for privacy, you can take a look at our article.

Blue Cruise by Chartering Motoryacht

Blue Cruise by Chartering Motoryacht

Blue cruise by renting a motor yacht is like relaxing calmly in a luxurious, comfortable home. Motor yachts with high technology and luxurious facilities such as cabin, room is your savior on special days. You can choose these magnificent yachts for your wedding anniversary or to make a marriage proposal to your lover. While making a blue cruise by renting a motor yacht, you can set a nice table at sunset and have a romantic dinner.

Throughout the day, you get away from all the stress and chaos of the world by swimming in secluded, sparkling bays. While determining your blue cruise route by renting a motor yacht, take some time to shop in charming towns and taste handmade ice creams.

As Naviga Charter; We have prepared everything you need to have a luxurious and comfortable blue cruise by renting a motor yacht.

While planning your blue voyage adventure; We take note of details such as special diet menus for you and your guests, the activities you want to do, and your vacation time.

When the day comes when you will start your blue voyage; everything is ready for you.

All you have to do is enjoy the fun.

Blue Cruise by Chartering a Sailboat

Blue Cruise by Chartering a Sailboat

Blue voyage by renting a sailboat is more affordable than motor yacht charter and luxury gulet charter options.

When going from one bay to another with your sailing boat; set sail if the wind is suitable. You can save fuel. It is possible to take a fast trip

with a motor yacht. Traveling by sailboats is another very enjoyable way for real sea lovers.

“Take your shovels, let the moonlight not wake up.”

It is said, “Real seafarers will not be in a hurry.”

When it comes to the blue cruise with private yachts, it is an amazing experience for everyone.

Your time, your demands for luxury and comfort, whether you are a crowded or a small group, are completely designed to your freedom.

Naviga Yachting Company provides a smooth holiday experience for all its guests who want to make a Blue Cruise with Private Yachts.

We can accompany you while creating your magnificent blue cruise plan.

Do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information and to make a reservation.

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