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Are You Ready To Explore Gulf of Gokova With Naviga Yachting?

“See Rome and Die; See Gökova and Live … ’


We set out with this beautiful phrase from Dear Cevat Şakir Elmağaçlı, author of Halicarnassus fisherman. As Naviga Yachting company, whose head office is located in Bodrum, we continue to explain the depths of the Blue journey. Today’s stop is Gökova Bay.


This is one of the bays where our guests, especially those who rent motor yachts and luxury gulets, are most fascinated of. With its great nature it will get you out of your car while you are on the way to Gökova Bay, where every shade of blue and green dances joyfully. First you look, take a deep breath and release all the burdens of life against this beatiful landscape. A smile settles on your face that you can’t help but enjoy. And you immortalize the magic of this moment by taking pictures…


All of a sudden, you get in the car and try to finish the road immediately, and jump into the lap of this magnificent nature to the most exciting end of the journey to experience on.


After renting your boat, all is left to sail on. You can’t stand in your seat until you’ve completed all your cons and needs in the Blue round. Remember; excitement comes from haste. When you say Akyaka and Azmak River, the freshest Pine smells of your life are starting to come to you. Especially the isolation that comes with having to stay at home for a long time leaves itself here on an unique holiday. This Blue – Green Paradise has a sunset like no other.


Watch it when you’re on the boat, watch it from a hill, watch it when you’re on the beach, take a beer and just relax. It doesn’t matter other than enjoying the moment, consuming your life in that orange fire of the sky will be one of the most peaceful memories of your life. The redness that hits the pebbles and sand, the orange sky that extends over the sea to the horizon, also magnifies your vision.


Gökova is so preferred not just because of its natural beauty. Almost every bay of it has ancient ruins that you can find when you go ashore. Known as Kerme Bay in ancient times, Gökova is located between Bodrum and Datça peninsulas. Many of the bays and resting areas in Gökova Bay are closed to the wind. Therefore, you can have a safe overnight stay and accommodation.


Activities In Gökova

Gökova Bay is one of the best kitesurfing and kiteboard centers in the world. Akyaka and Azmak River, famous Cedar Island and Cleopatra Beach are the main attractions of Akbük Bay.

There is also a center that offers professional facilities for holidaymakers who are kitesurfing and also offer kite surfing lessons.

Just sail down Akyaka and float. Cennet Bay, Cedar Island, Karacasöğüt, Çanak Bay, Değirmenbükü, English Port, Okluk Bay, Lengöz and in many others you will find yourself in the lap of the sea and nature. It is also worth mentioning the details of these bays on your route one by one.


By the way, if you see a Mermaid statue during this Blue Cruise, don’t forget to say hello. Discover ancient tombs and theaters that you will see when you go ashore; it will allow you to meet the aged values of civilization.


As Naviga Yachting team:

We offer a holistic plan to our guests who wants to find peace and have fun in this rich nature. You can also benefit from our VIP Transfer and hotel booking services, especially Motor Yacht Charter, Luxury Gulet Charter. You can participate in the helicopter tours that we organize throughout all these locations, as well as choose a private jet rental service. As Naviga Yachting Company, we contribute to enjoying all kinds of blue and green paradise in these historic beautiful places.


Çamlı Harbor Bay

This bay, located south of Çamlı Island with anchor Cape, is a Bay open to breeze winds. Only the part near the West Coast is relatively more sheltered. But in this part, consisting of pine and rocky steep hills, the depth of the Bay is quite high. For boats and yachts, electricity, water, gas and ice are available. There is also a market and cafe on the pier side.


Cleopatra Beach- (Sedir Island)

We mentioned in detail in our previous articles about Sedir Island, which is famous for Cleopatra Beach. As for this location, there is no access to Cleopatra Beach by sailboat. You can reach the beach on foot from Sedir Island’s roads like trinkets. If you want to buy even a handful of sand from the beaches of this island, which is full of special sand brought from Africa, it is forbidden. Walking around the ancient city of Kedrai, the ancient theater and other historical ruins will give you a separate pleasure. The turquoise sea with its green nature and maki natüre has a uniqe place among the Blue Cruise routes of yachtsmen and sailboats.



Karacasöğüt Bay

Karacasöğüt Bay is one of the most popular bays visited by yachtsmen and blue cruise boats cruising in Gökova Bay. One of the most impressive features of Karacasöğüt Bay is the lush forest, which begins just like a shirt collar where the sea ends. Blue and green are so intertwined that if we consider the waterfall with a green pool, the ancient ruins and the cave, you will encounter a postcard view. This Bay has a small marina, a pier with a capacity of 15 yachts, a market and cafes. Everywhere your eyes can see is full of pine trees and pine forests. All day long, the smell of Pine is felt. The ruins of the ancient cities of Euthena and Amnistos are also located near Karacasöğüt.


As you walk from the coast to the hill, you will be able to see the city Necropolis, the ruins of fortifications, rock tombs and cisterns. When you reach the hill, you will encounter the ruins of an ancient temple. The ruins of the ancient city of Amnistos are also located on a promontory near the village. Here, there are ruins of fortifications and an old harbour wall on the sea shore. Karacasöğüt is a quite a rich place to swim in the Azure Bay, relax on the shore and take a Hellenistic stroll through the heart of nature.




Değirmenbükü has the distinction of being the largest bay of Gökova Bay. Every bay and beach in Değirmenbükü, which is considered indispensable for the Blue journey, has all the generosity of nature. Considering its immaculate waters and ease of transportation, it is quite normal that thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visit this place every year. Directly opposite you can see Kos Island. The calm, the serenity that the birds and the diverse animal population provide is priceless.  It is slightly warmer than other bays in Gökova Bay.


Hırsız Bay

Hırsız Bay is great for yachtsmen and blue cruise guests because it is a sheltered bay against all winds except south winds. This bay, the bottom of which is sand, is almost a heart for swimming, relaxing and staying.


English Harbour (Çanak Bay)

The root of the English name is referred to by an interesting story. During the First World War, a ship belonging to the British Navy, while fleeing enemy ships thought to be Russian or German, reached this Cove, a hidden paradise, and hid here for a while. After the passing time, he managed to dodge the ships that were chasing him. After this incident, this bay became known as English Bay.


English Bay is also a very special place, as it is one of only two fjords in Turkey. This unique Bay, which has been formed over the years with thin, long, usually very deep and very steep edges as a result of the sea raiding glacial valleys, is an excellent option where you can see this interesting and unique coastal type, which is usually seen in northern countries such as Norway, Greenland, Alaska.


The undulating waters of the Bay are hardly found in this region and it is a very calm and sheltered bay. This bay, which admires those who see it with its unique sea with turquoise color, will certainly be a unique stop for your holiday.


Okluk Bay

Okluk Bay is a sheltered bay located to the south east of Değirmenbükü. Sadun Boro is the first Turk to sail from Turkey to the world’s seas with his boat ‘Kismet’ in 1965. He lived in Okluk Bay. Above the cliffs at the entrance to the Bay is a statue of a mermaid. Sadun Boro, our doyen sailor, given this statue to him and his boat Kismet in the Gulf of Gokova because of the hospitality he is shown. And he has written his inscription on it. Restaurants and grocery stores are located on the pier on the south side of the Bay. Starting behind restaurants; it is a charming place with its own warm atmosphere with colorful gardens, walkways and pine forests.



Löngöz Bay is among the different and must-see bays in many ways. There are two creeks in this bay. On the edge of the river on the south shore; There is a restaurant and a small wooden pier under the trees. It can only be reached by boat. Small walkways behind the restaurant reach the neighboring coves. After swimming in this deep blue bay embracing the pine forests, walk a little from the wooden pier; you can reach the restaurant. Do not forget to relax with a beer by the reeds, under the shade of the trees. Various bird sounds will come from around. This rich natural fauna of Gökova Bay also accompanies you in Löngöz Bay.


Seven Islands

The islands located between Teke Burnu and Taneli Burnu are called “Seven Islands”. Again, the region consisting of sheltered bays on the eastern side of the region is also included in the Seven Islands. It consists of Küçük Island, Zeytinli Island, Uzun Island, Martı Island, Göllü Island and two other islets in the south.


In general, we recommend that you be careful when switching between islands in the region. In some areas, you will see rocks that exceed the water level when passing by boat or yacht. This is why it will be useful to pay attention to the entrance and exit. When you come to the Seven Islands region, you may feel like you are cruising on the Norwegian fjords. When the view of the islands is watched in a holistic manner, it becomes a distinct splendor especially at sunset.


As a result, the Gulf of Gokova and its bays is a favorite among the places with the richest content for the blue tour. And we recommend that you add it to your holiday routes.

Where the Sun Touches the Horizon

Although you can rent a luxury gulet or travel by motor yacht; It is also wonderful to explore this wonderful corner of paradise from the sky.


As Naviga Yachting Company; We thought and planned this in every detail for you. Thanks to our private jet charter service; You can also eliminate time and space limits. You can experience this vast nature and sea wonder from the air by participating in the helicopter tours we organize or by planning a private helicopter tour.

Are you ready to watch all locations from these unforgettable routes to the Greek Islands from a bird’s eye view?

Apart from Okluk Bay, we continue to offer our flight services legally in every region.

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